Velvet Skin Spa Brazilian Waxing

Additional spa services are available in our Velvet Skin Spa, Michigan City, IN. location. Explore our Signature Custom Facials, Massages and more. 

 Brow Styling   35.00

 Brows are waxed, tweezed and trimmed to perfection. Brows                                                are shaped to enhance your facial structure.           

 Sparse Hair….don’t worry. Our Certified Master Brow Specialist                                          will show you how to apply our brow powder for a natural, defined look.

 Brow Maintenance   25.00

 (up to 4 weeks)

 Lip   12.00

 Chin   15.00

 Hairline  22.00

 1/2 Arm   35.00

 Full Arm   50.00

 Knee Down   45.00

 Thigh   60.00 and up

 Full Leg   80.00 and up

 Underarm   28.00

 Stomach   20.00

 (happy trail)

 1/2 Back   48.00 and up

 Full Back   65.00 and up

 Bikini  38.00 

 (1 in. inside and 1 in. outside panty line)

 Brazilian   70.00

 Brazilian Maintenance   50.00 

 (up to 4 weeks) 

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